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Chestnut - Bouche de Betizac

Pedigree: sativa * crenata
Origin: France
Chestnut blight susceptible: Unknown
Bloom time: Mid season
Median female flowers per blooming branch: 3
Maximum female flowers per blooming branch: 9
Tree growth habit: very fast growing, rising straight up
Harvest: Mid season
Nut per lb: 25-30
Nuts per burr: Usually 3 with middle nut flat on both sides
Production: Not widely grown - cooler climates it produces consistantly. In the California central valley the nuts become very large 12-16 nuts per pound.
Pellicle: Easy with rare intrusion into the kernel
Split kernels: Rare
Pollen: Pollen sterile
Cold Hardy: -15F

Purchase Information: The Bouche de Betizac chestnut cultivar is available for purchase directly from our nursery.

Cultivar discussion:
The Bouche de Betizac is a consistant producer of large chestnuts. Even when a cold growing season comes along this chestnut tree still produces nuts. Nuts fall free of the burr and fall mid season. The nuts are easy to peel. The tree has a upright growth form, even hard to get it to spread. Medium production level. Originally from France. Stores very well for hybrid chestnuts.

Pictures of the Bouche de Betizac chestnut tree in bloom

Bouche de Betizac Chestnut tree

Bouche de Betizac Chestnut tree

Picture of the Bouche de Betizac chestnuts

Bouche de Betizac Chestnuts