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Storing Chestnuts For Many Weeks

Washington Chestnut Company has been performing chestnut storage studies for over a decade to help consumers extend the storage of fresh chestnuts. The storage tests have proved to be a great investment. Chestnuts without proper handling usually will not store for more than 3 to 5 weeks. In our latest storage test we took some chestnut with the first signs of molds/fungus growth and processed them to achieve stable storage of chestnuts until late December from chestnuts harvested in October and early November without the use of magic.

Our goal is to help our customers be successful with chestnuts. Early in our pioneering days of chestnuts, customers would ask us how to best store chestnuts. We reached out to other growers and the scientists of chestnuts and were given some excellent guidance. Overall the guidance resulted in being able to store chestnuts up to 4 weeks. This was great progress as compared to the 2 weeks of storage life we were experiencing.

Chestnuts with mold on them
These chestnuts are molding because they were not
processed properly after harvest

Here are few things were tried but were not satisfied with the results:

1. Hot water bath warm enough to kill some fungus/models but not hot enough to kill the chestnuts
2. A bleach bath
3. Freezing

Of these three options the bleach bath gave the best results. We felt 4 weeks of storage was not good enough so we continued to try to find a better process. The hot water bath did not help at all, maybe even causing a shortened storage life. Freezing changed the chestnut texture too much, not so good for eating quality.

After trying many different possible solutions to the storage life, the Food Safety Moderization Act came to be. Now we can suggest partially drying the chestnuts and then placing the chestnuts in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. The partial drying is done by laying out the chestnuts in a single layer at room temp until the chestnuts have lost 20 percent of their weight. Check on the chestnuts every 10 - 14 days and remove any chestnuts turning black or developing molds.

Chestnuts in perfect condition
These chestnuts are in perfect condition because they were
processed properly after harvest

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