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Chestnut - Maraval

Pedigree: sativa * crenata
Origin: France
Chestnut blight susceptible: Resistant
Bloom time: Early
Median female flowers:
Maximum female flowers:
Tree growth habit: fast growing, upright, with open interior
Harvest: Late
Nut per lb: 18-22
Nuts per burr: Usually 3
Production: Medium producer of large nuts that store well
Pellicle: removal easy
Split kernels: Some
Pollen: One of the best pollinators
Cold Hardy: -15F

Cultivar discussion:
This cultivar comes to us from France. It produces large red mohagony nuts that fall free from the burr mid to late season, only Belle Epine drops later. The nuts store better than many of the other ExJ hybrids. The Maraval chestnut trees produces most of its leaves at the end of the branches. Production is medium. The real gift of this tree has to be the amount of pollen it produces for the chestnut orchard. One of these trees can provide pollen for trees over 150 feet away. The male flowers are the most beautiful flowers of all the chestnuts we grow. It is also known for its resistance to root rot and chestnut blight. The tree wants to grow upright like most other European chestnut trees.

Pictures of the Maraval chestnut tree in bloom

Maraval Chestnut tree

Maraval Chestnut tree

Picture of Maraval chestnuts

Maraval Chestnuts


Purchase Information:
The Maraval chestnut tree can be purchased directly from our nursery.